Bloom In English

English Tutoring Sessions for Ages 10-18

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During our English tutoring sessions, students learn in small supportive groups where they can develop confidence, share ideas and explore different approaches to their work. Experience shows the value of collaborative learning.
We recognise that some students benefit from one to one support and can offer individual attention when appropriate. Student enjoyment of English is crucial, so we use different teaching methods to make sessions interesting and fun.

The Tuition Sessions

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Initial Assessment

Each child will do an initial assessment to enable us to identify their strengths and needs. We will use this to develop a tailored learning programme to extend their English skills and help them progress and achieve their true potential.


Students will be given regular feedback to help them adapt and develop their English skills. They will understand the importance of literacy across the whole curriculum and will be encouraged to use the skills learned to improve in other subjects. Parents will also receive feedback, so they will know how their child is improving and offer support at home.

Collaborative Learning

Team work develops skills that support students’ learning and is useful in improving their analytical thinking. Working in small groups also helps them to articulate their ideas and create convincing and cohesive arguments. This skill will support them as they progress through school, on to university and at work.

Independent Learning

To help with deeper learning we will encourage independence. Our students will develop the confidence to be able to apply the English skills learned, consider their use of language and know how to edit and improve their work to achieve better grades. These skills and the ability to use them independently will help them in their approach to homework and exams. They are also important for university and Higher Education.

Our English Tutors Cover

our english tutor Sara teaching

Key Stage 2

SATS, 11+, Entrance Exams
Your child will gain a solid foundation in the English skills needed for SATS, 11+, Entrance Exams and the move to secondary school.
There is greater emphasis on literacy across all subjects in the new curriculum and we will build a strong basis covering key aspects including spelling, punctuation and grammar.
Your child will develop a wider vocabulary through reading a range of texts and creative writing activities.

Key Stage 3

Ages 11-14
Children will extend their knowledge of the key skills in English and be able to use language to create different effects.
They will continue to develop their spelling, punctuation and grammar skills and be able to make more ambitious vocabulary choices.We will promote
We will promote reading of a wide variety of texts and help them develop their creative skills by writing for different audiences and purposes.

Key Stage 4

Students will develop their reading analysis and writing skills further in preparation for examinations. They will revise the key English skills and be able to make the most effective language choices.
We will continue to focus on spelling, punctuation and grammar to ensure these skills are secure. Sessions will also help students improve revision methods and exam techniques.
Our aim is to help students achieve their potential and feel confident to move on to Further Education.

Key Stage 5

A-Levels, BTECs
Sixth form students will benefit from extensive focus on essay writing, revision methods, exam practice and exam technique.
Tutoring will be tailored to suit student needs but we will ensure that they are confident in the use of key English skills.
We will highlight the need for independent study and work with them on the skills needed to progress to Higher Education or to prepare them for the job market and workplace.